Computer Devices

Computer Driving Lessons

Computer driving lessons need to deliver knowledge and skill development to both the student and the instructor. the knowledge is of computer science the internet, ease of use of personal computer devices and also psychology and good teaching practice.

The skills are of user input, problem solving, good habits of privacy security and cost savings. 

Each lesson is structured and the report done at the end of each lesson reinforces this.

The log is done after the lesson by the instructor and this is where the inscutors knowledge must be practiced.

Very few people understand how are lives are fuelled by huge data centre campuses and the private fibre networks owned by google microsoft apple amazon and facebook. Since 2008 data centres have become bigger and more sophisticated. How? The hardware has gotten cheaper, the designs have gotten better, and the software controlling machines have gotten smarter.

And now we are at a point where most tasks on your phone or computer are not even done on the hard drive. They are done in warehouses in places like Dublin or Papillion Nebraska. At some point your device is really just a window. It is just a way of accessing a set of resources that sits in some data centre that has the capability of hundreds of thousands of computers that might overwise have had to sit on your desk to have that same experience. This new world is possible because computing and algorithms are constantly improving.