ComputerDriving® Lessons with Tomtie

Overwhelmed by technology?

It can be stressful and frustrating using your computer, phone or iPad and it doesn’t help when well-meaning friends try to take over.

Get confident with
ComputerDriving® lessons

With ComputerDriving® lessons, you are ‘in the driving seat’.

Our instructors never touch your keyboard, mouse, screens or even a remote control for you. Instead they talk you through what you need to do using the correct terminology so you are always in control and working at your own pace.


What are ComputerDriving® lessons?

time spent in the comfort of your home being instructed on computer tasks by a ComputerDriving® Instructor .

Like a driving lesson, you ‘learn by doing’ with expert supervision… except you decide where you want to go!

Learning new skills at your own pace with an expert by your side, gives you the confidence to develop those skills and go from strength to strength.

Newly learnt skills are quickly forgotten unless you practice them. Regular lessons ensure that you do.

What does a ComputerDriving® Instructor do?

Helps you to make sense of things. A ComputerDriving® Instructor uses the right words to guide you through your computer devices so you can set them the way you want. No more unwanted notifications and hard to read text!

Making your devices easy for you to use is a priority as is establishing an ergonomic set up where you sit comfortably at your main computer. Four eyes on a detailed administrative task such as getting a new parking permit or booking travel makes it much easier to do and ensures it is done well.

Your instructor explains in clear and simple terms what is happening when you go online and access the power of millions of server computers that enable us to email, shop, bank, search and all the other things we take for granted…

Why Join

Being a member of Tomtie gives you:

    • A patient and qualified ComputerDriving® Instructor who comes to you
    • A ComputerDriving® lesson log that is emailed to you shortly after every lesson
    • A printed summary of the ComputerDriving® lesson log that is brought to the next lesson so that tasks can be repeated and reinforced
    • Personal Action Plans that are written during a lesson for a step by step reminder of complicated new tasks
    • The annual Tomtie Tech Check that is given to ensure your computer, phone and/or iPad are backed up and easily replaced
    • The annual Security Software Installation that is given to put affordable new Norton360 licenses on your devices and ensure that you learn how to manage your Norton account and secure those devices
    • Email support from your ComputerDriving® Instructor

Join now in 2023 to receive the Tomtie Membership Pack:

    • Tomtie Notebook
    • Tomtie mouse mat
    • Mechanical pencil
    • Screen cleaning cloth


A ComputerDriving® lesson

  • Starts with the instructor listening carefully to what the student would like to do
  • Ends with a recap of what was done

Each lesson lasts 50 minutes in the hour. 

Most lessons last two hours.

The 50 minutes allows five minutes for the instructor to arrive and settle-in,  five minutes at the end to review what was done and a 10 minute break in the middle so you can concentrate better in the second half.

Join Tomtie to get access to ComputerDriving® lessons and start to make friends with technology…

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