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It can be stressful and frustrating using your computer or smartphone, and it doesn’t help when well-meaning friends try to take over.

Get confident with
ComputerDriving® lessons

With ComputerDriving® lessons, you are ‘in the driving seat’. Our instructors never touch your keyboard or click or tap on anything for you.


£ 20 Monthly
  • Joining fee waived for first time Members
  • Tomtie Tech Check
  • Security Software Installation††

Joing fee for returning members is £150.
††Security Software Installation does not include the cost of Norton 360.

Paired Membership

For Paired Membership, one Annual Security Software Installation task is needed so the Tomtie monthly membership subscription is halved for the member who is not responsible for carrying it out. 

Essentials Induction

  • Essentials Induction ComputerDriving® Course £352

    Book four two-hour ComputerDriving® lessons in which to complete the Essentials Induction tasks.
    Upon completion receive £88 worth of credit on your Tomtie Account towards lessons.

Lesson costs

Pay later

ComputerDriving® Lesson
£ 55 per hour
  • Arrange as needed with your instructor
  • Pay later at your convenience

Pre-paid Course

ComputerDriving® Lesson
£ 352 eight hours
  • Eight hours of bookable lesson time
  • Cheapest rate £44/hour for two hour lessons
Best Value

One hour lessons can be booked at a £6 surcharge.

What people say...

“I was skeptical at first, but after my first ComputerDriving® lesson I was able to see the benefits of ‘learning by doing’ with an expert, and I am now much more confident and skilled. My children are impressed!”
“I can make mistakes and I can learn from them. I understand what ‘the internet’ is and I feel more in control. But the best part is that I can save money!”
“I deleted 6 weeks of work but could retrieve it because I was backed up thanks to Tomtie membership.”

Book a free visit

Not sure? Book a free ‘no commitment’ visit with one of our local ComputerDriving® Instructors. They will visit you in your home, assess your requirements using the Free Tomtie Tech Check, help you with a tricky task and explain the benefits of Tomtie Membership.

You’ll enjoy completing complicated and valuable tasks at your own pace with patient, expert tuition. Whatever you’re trying to do – shopping or banking online safely, emailing, organising your photos, or any other task you wish to carry out on your computer – your ComputerDriving® Instructor will help you to achieve it.


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