ComputerDriving® Lessons with Tomtie

Overwhelmed by technology?

It can be stressful and frustrating using your computer or smartphone, and it doesn’t help when well-meaning friends try to take over.

Get confident with
ComputerDriving® lessons

With ComputerDriving® lessons, you are ‘in the driving seat’. Our instructors never touch your keyboard or click or tap on anything for you.


What are ComputerDriving® lessons?

ComputerDriving® lessons give you one-to-one support with an experienced instructor by your side.

Under expert and patient supervision, you learn skills at your own pace, giving you the confidence to practise them your own!

What does a ComputerDriving® Instructor do?

The ComputerDriving® Instructor can explain in clear and simple terms things like how the internet works, what an internet account is and how to keep your computer devices updated and backed up.

Why Join

Being a member of Tomtie gives you:

    • A patient and qualified ComputerDriving® Instructor who comes to you
    • Emailed reports after every lesson
    • A printed report summary at the start of every lesson
    • Tomtie Guides used during lessons to tackle complicated tasks
    • Tomtie Tech Check to ensure your computer and phone are backed up and easily replaced
    • Security Software Installation to ensure that your devices have the latest security
    • Email support from your ComputerDriving® Instructor

Join now in 2022 to receive the Tomtie Membership Pack:

    • Tomtie Notebook
    • Tomtie Mouse mat
    • Tomtie Member folder
    • Cleaning cloth
    • Pen & pencil


A ComputerDriving® lesson

  • Starts with the instructor listening carefully to what the student would like to do
  • Ends with a recap of what was done

Each lesson lasts 50 minutes with a lesson booking lasting one hour. (This allows five minutes for the instructor to arrive and settle-in, and five minutes at the end for them to review was done in the lesson before packing up).

Two hour lessons are recommended as more can be done. Working at a computer can strain the eyes, so a short break is taken half way through.

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