Update and Troubleshoot browsers in MacOS

Update Chrome: click on Help menu then ‘About Google Chrome’. Opening this webpage will initiate the update process. If an update is done click on ‘Relaunch’ to finish updating. (Safari updates automatically with MacOS updates)

Quit then reopen the browser: To quit the browser go to the top application menu bar ❯ browser name ❯ Quit

Update the browser: Open browser options and go to Help ❯ About (and the browser will automatically update)

Clear History and the Cache: In Safari open ‘History’ ❯ Clear History. In Chrome open ‘History’ ❯ ‘Clear browsing data’. In Edge open ‘History’ ❯ options ❯ Clear browsing data

Disable browser extensions: Open browser Settings to see ‘Extensions’. To turn off an extension, untick its box. To uninstall an extension, select the extension and click the Uninstall button

Clear DNS cache: – Google Search for method in MacOS

Reinstall Chrome or Edge: Google search for the browser to download, make sure it is a legitimate site then download and install

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