YouTube through a browser (with Google Account sign-in)

Search for a video or click on ‘YouTube Music’

Click on ‘History’ in side navigation bar to see your YouTube video history and watch again

Click on the three dots below the video then click ‘Save’. Next either click on ‘Watch Later’ or on an existing playlist or ‘Create a new playlist’. Open ‘Watch Later’ in the side navigation bar (or a playlist below) for videos added here. To remove a video, click on the three options dots then click ‘Remove’

Sometimes the video is spoken too fast to follow. Click on the Settings cog then ‘Playback speed’ and set to 0.75 or slower

Click on the three dots below the video, then ‘Clip’, Add a title then set the start and finish times by dragging the vertical white lines, watch back then click on ‘Share clip’. The Share pop up appears, either click on a top option or ‘Copy’ the url to add yourself. See ‘Your clips’ in the sidebar

Click on the three dots below the video and ‘Show transcript’ or click on the Subtitles/Closed captions rectangle at the bottom of the video

advanced option e.g. YouTube Premium subscription or YouTube Studio – click on profile icon top right to see how to upload your own videos

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