Bing search through a browser (with Microsoft account sign-in)

When signed into Bing you can change how your searches are set up. Look for the three horizontal line, options menu (known as the burger) then ❯ ‘Settings’ ❯ one of the drop-down choices under ‘Settings’, to open the Settings webpage

click on the options menu top right then ❯ ‘SafeSearch’ and set to SafeSearch to ‘Moderate’ to filter out adult images and videos

go to or click on the options menu top right then ❯ ‘Search history’ and delete unwanted searches or, in ‘Insights’ choose from Web, Images, Videos, News and Shopping to look back on previous searches

search for “advanced search options” to find the Microsoft Support webpage and get to know the symbols to use to modify the search term or function e.g. use ‘+’ for webpages that contain all the terms immediately after and ‘” ” around exact words in a phrase

click on the microphone in the search box and speak

Search with a picture instead of text – click on the camera lens icon and follow the instructions

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