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Advanced Aol webmail

Go to bottom of the email and look for the ‘unsubscribe’ link (often in small text), click on it to open the webpage then confirm as required. To block an annoying email sender open Settings ❯ More Settings ❯ Security and privacy and select ‘Blocked addresses’ for individual emails or ‘Block unwanted sender domains’ for a domain, click ‘Add’ and type or paste the email or domain

Open Settings ❯ More Settings ❯ Filters and add a filter

Click on ‘inbox’ folder (or another folder) and select the email/s you want to move, click ‘Move’ in toolbar and select the folder to move to

Click in the search box at the top and type the name of the contact or click ‘Advanced’ for more options, Click ‘Search’ or the magnifying glass icon to search

To add a new folder – Scroll down the left hand navigation pane to Folders and click ‘+New folder’. To delete a folder, right click on it and click ‘Delete folder’

Click on profile icon ❯ Account info ❯ Security ❯ Change password

Google Search the key words e.g. ‘out of office Aol webmail’

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