Edge browser (desktop application)

How Edge works with a Microsoft account: When Edge is signed into with a Microsoft account, Microsoft services are automatically signed into (such as Outlook email/Calendar/People, OneDrive, Microsoft 365 web apps and Bing Search) and any passwords used to sign into website accounts are saved and synced to a different signed in Edge browser. See “Microsoft account introduction” in the Web and Internet knowledge area

Edge basis use: Toolbar – ‘Page back’ (click to go back, hold to see history), ‘page forward’ (click to go forward, hold to see history) and ‘Refresh’ buttons and address bar with ‘view site information’ padlock, then pinned extensions, profile icon (see when signed into Edge with Microsoft account) and ‘Manage profile settings’ cog icon top right

Make Edge your own: ‘Page settings’ – Open a new Tab to open the Home Page then click on the cog icon in top right and choose what you want to see (Focused layout is less distracting). Next click on ‘Settings and more’ options menu top right ❯ Settings ❯ then ‘Appearance’ and ‘Start, home, and new tabs’ where you can set it to ‘Open these pages’ each time. Tip! check out ‘Privacy, search and services’ to ‘Clear browsing data’ easily

Edge advanced use: Open Edge’s options menu top right – ‘Settings and more’ and see ‘InPrivate window’, ‘Favourites’, ‘History’, ‘Print’, ‘Find on page’, ‘Read aloud’ and more

Bookmarks (called Favourites) add and manage: To quickly add, click on star icon in right of address bar. To organise, open Edge’s options menu ‘Settings and more’ click on ‘Favourites’ then click on options ‘…’ and ‘Open favourites page’

Passwords in Edge: Store and retrieve safely – open Edge’s options menu ‘Settings and more’, click on ‘Settings’ ❯ ‘Your Profile’ ❯ ‘Microsoft Wallet’ Passwords

Print in Edge: To open the print window, either use the Print shortcut ‘Ctrl + P’ or open Edge’s options menu top right – ‘Settings and more’ and click on ‘Print’. From here select the printer, number of copies, which pages and colour/black and white. Click on the ‘?’ by Print to open the ‘Print in Microsoft Edge’ guide

Edge extensions: To add one go to ‘Settings and more’ ❯ ‘Extensions’ ❯ ‘Open Microsoft Edge add-ons’ then click on your choice and ‘Get’. Extensions put new features onto your browser e.g. Norton Safe Web that helps defend you from identity theft and online scams by warning you of dangerous sites while you search, shop, or browse online also save money with ‘Keepa – Amazon Price Tracker’. (Extensions can be deleted if they are not used)

Sign in and sync in Edge: Click on the profile icon in the top right corner of the Edge browser and sign in to your Microsoft account. This saves any info stored in Edge to your account or adds your stored info to Edge, so if you sign into a different computer, you will get your synced info

Manage sync in Edge: Once signed in, click on profile icon in top right ❯ click the Settings cog and review ‘Sync’ on the main page (under Your profile) to manage what data you sync

Privacy in Edge: Clear cookies – ‘Settings’ ❯ ‘Privacy, Search, and Services’ ❯ ‘Clear browsing data’ ❯ ‘Cookies and other site data’

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