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Outlook 365 Calendar

Calendar intro – Outlook 365: Search ‘introduction to outlook 365 youtube’

Add or import a calendar – Outlook 365: See ‘how to add or import a calendar to outlook microsoft youtube’

Calendar change View – Outlook 365: View calendar as day, week and month

Calendar create a new appointment – Outlook 365: Click on New Appointment then add a Title, Start time, End time and ‘Make Recurring’ if it is happening more than once. When complete click the ‘Save and Close’ button

Calendar Search – Outlook 365: Click in Search box at top and type the event e.g. dentist, then press Enter to complete the search

Calendar Print appointments – Outlook 365: Select the calendar you want to print and set the date and view. Go to File ❯ Print ❯ try the different Settings styles e.g. Monthly Style and click ‘Print’