Troubleshoot Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more

Google Search “microsoft 365”: Define the problem using the correct terms and do a Google search to see if it is a common problem

Restart the Microsoft 365 app: Close and re-open the app

Restart the computer to close all apps: Open the Start Menu (Windows button or Windows key), click on the Power icon and click on ‘Restart’

Update the app: File ❯ Office Account click ‘Update options’ in Office Updates click ‘Update Now’

Repair Microsoft 365: Windows Settings ❯ Apps ❯ ‘Microsoft 365 – en-us’ ❯ click the dots at the end if using Windows 11 or click on the App name in Windows 10 to click on ‘Modify’ – click ‘Yes’ in Windows Account Control box, choose ‘Quick Repair’ or ‘Online Repair’

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