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Windows 10 Settings

My Microsoft account (or local user account) – Windows 10: Click here to open the webpage

Find a setting – Search box Windows 10: Click here to search for a specific setting

System – Windows 10: For display, sound, notifications and power

Devices – Windows 10: For bluetooth, printer, mouse

Phone – Windows 10: Link your Android, iPhone

Network and Internet – Windows 10: Wi-Fi, airplane mode, VPN

Personalisation – Windows 10: Background, lock screen, colors

Apps – Windows 10: Uninstall, defaults, optional features

Accounts – Windows 10: Your accounts, email, sync, work, family

Time and language – Windows 10: Speech, region, date

Gaming – Windows 10: Xbox Game Bar, captures, Game Mode

Ease of Access – Windows 10: Narrator, magnifier, high contrast

Search – Windows 10: Find my files, permissions

Privacy – Windows 10: Location, camera, microphone

Update and Security – Windows 10: Windows Update, recover, backup

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