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Windows 10 File Explorer

Intro to File Explorer in Windows 10: Navigation pane, Ribbon with tabs, Address bar and Search box. To change how your items appear in File Explorer select the View ribbon and choose between e.g. Icons, Lists or Details and click on different options in the Panes group to change the layout

Organise in Windows 10: 1. Create new folder. Click ‘New Folder’ in Home ribbon. 2. Rename a file or folder. Click twice slowly over the item then rename. 3. Delete. Select the item then press ‘Delete’ or click on the bin button on the ribbon

Search for a file in Windows 10: Select the folder to search in (Home for all items on the PC hard disk), then click in the Search box, type a file name and fine tune the results by clicking on options in the Search ribbon

Move files with ‘Move to’, or drag and drop: select an item, click on ‘Move to’ on the Home ribbon ❯ click ‘Choose location’ at the bottom ❯ select the place where you want to move the file to then click the Move button. Or select the item/s, hover over one then hold down the left click on the mouse, drag to the chosen folder and release the mouse

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