Apple ID introduction and create account

One account for all your Apple devices (such as your iPhone or MacBook) and services including iCloud (where device backups are saved as well as documents), App Store (for your apps) and iMessage. Go to, sign in with your Apple ID and click on your profile icon, top right then ‘Manage Apple ID’ to access ‘Sign-In and Security’, ‘Devices and Privacy’ and more

if you own an Apple device (iPhone, MacBook etc.) you must have an Apple ID to back it up so it can be easily replaced and do things like download new apps from the App Store. You are given an iCloud email address but most people do not use it as they prefer Gmail or Outlook

This is done when you set up your first Apple device. You can change your profile information and password once signed in. Complete the Apple ID page in the Tomtie Toolkit

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