Google Account introduction and create account

One sign-in for all the Google Services you use such as Chrome, Gmail, Maps, Search, Google Photos, YouTube and also Payments and subscriptions. The most popular service is Gmail (plus Contacts and Calendar) and there are 1.5 billion active Gmail users in the world. Android phones must have a Google Account for Play Store apps and back up. When signed in, tap or click on your profile icon in a Google app or Google webpage to easily access your Google Account from any device. Sign in at, access all the services you use and see your account information

Gmail is free and reliable and comes with Contacts and Calendar apps (and we all need a second email address to verify it is us). Android phone users need one and iPhone users can benefit from having one for Chrome and the other Google services. Search ‘Google account who can see your data’ to learn more. Understand that the things that you have done online and places where you have been with your phone (Time line in Google Maps) are easily visible only to you

First decide on the type of email address you would like for Gmail (your full name or short initials) and write it down (add ‘.’ or numbers to make it unique). Decide on a long password that you can remember then go to, click on ‘Create account’ and follow the steps. Complete the Google Account page in the Tomtie Toolkit

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