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Google Photos through a browser

click on ‘Photos’ or ‘Explore’ to see how your photos have been categorised

view recent photos then decide which are best and delete the others

Select a photo from ‘Photos’ by clicking in the top left circle. Click on the ‘+’ button at the top then click ‘Album’ and either add to an existing album or click ‘+’ to add to a New album. Name albums with first the year then month and day and name e.g. ‘2023 June 23 Crete holiday’

Click on album name or photo: then the share symbol (triangle with dots) then either share to a Gmail email or create a link and copy and paste it into e.g. an email

Click on the photo then on the three horizonal lines (the Edit symbol). Get to know ‘Suggestions’, ‘Crop’, ‘Tools’, ‘Adjust’ and ‘Filters’

advanced option e.g. Click on Bin in the navigation bar and ‘Empty bin’ to empty the bin

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