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Contacts: Tap on ‘Contacts’ in the tab bar to open Contacts

Call and answer: Make calls using Keypad, Recents or Contacts to dial a number. Answer calls by swiping up or tapping on a notification

Recents – phone: Tap on ‘Recents’ in the tab bar then tap either ‘All’ or ‘Missed’ to see recent calls and make a call from there

Favourites: Tap on ‘Favourites’ in the tab bar to see Favourite contacts. You can add new contacts here just tap on ‘+’ then choose a contact and how you wish to contact them i.e. Message, Call, Video or Mail (email) e.g. Thomas then Call and choose mobile or WhatsApp. Tap Edit to remove a Favourite

Voicemail: Tap ‘Voicemail’ in the tab bar then tap ‘Call Voicemail’ to listen to messages and work with the Mailbox greeting and other options

Change Settings in Phone app: Open main iPhone Settings ❯ Phone and make useful changes and return to them regularly. e.g. set Incoming Calls as Full Screen instead of Banner

Other phone app task: advanced

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